Commercial Furnace Maintenance

If you own a commercial space, you know the importance of maintaining proper commercial furnace maintenance. This ensures your system will operate safely and efficiently, protecting your business and helping you maintain your bottom line.

Here are our top tips on furnace maintenance for your commercial unit:

  • Be safe. Always turn off the fuel supply and electrical power before performing commercial furnace maintenance. You should also familiarize yourself with the locations of these switches in the unlikely event of an emergency.
  • Keep filters clean. Dirty filters put excessive strain on your furnace, increase heating costs, and reduce the unit’s lifespan. Examine filters monthly to ensure they are clean. Pleated filters typically last three months, while permanent filters must be cleaned every month. If you have an electronic air cleaner, be sure to clean the filter every other month. Furnace filters should also have a cover over the slot to prevent potential safety issues.
  • Ensure the proper function of the thermostat. Your thermostat controls your furnace and is essential to commercial furnace maintenance in order to maintain a comfortable business environment as well as control energy costs. To get the most bang for your heating buck, consider investing in a programmable thermostat.
  • Watch out for obstructions. These include blockages to the vents, as well as blocked exhaust and combustion air pipes.
  • Be aware of possible gas leaks. If you smell gas or notice worn or damaged connections, turn off the gas supply and contact a professional for commercial furnace maintenance before starting the furnace.

Annual Professional Commercial Furnace Maintenance

Scheduling annual professional commercial furnace maintenance ensures your furnace will operate safely and efficiently through the heating season.

A Total Comfort Tune-Up  includes:

  • The inspection of all furnace components
  • A professional cleaning
  • Adjustment of any necessary controls
  • A complete safety check

With annual professional maintenance, common furnace issues can be detected before they threaten the safety of your business, such as:

  • Carbon monoxide build up due to dirty furnaces
  • improperly vented ductwork
  • Cracks in the heat exchanger or combustion chamber that may be invisible to the naked eye
  • Dangerously low oxygen levels from furnaces that don't have a sufficient supply of fresh air
  • Fires resulting from soot build-up

Could it Be Time to Replace Your Commercial Heating Unit?

If your furnace is getting up there in years and repair costs are looking substantial, you may want to consider furnace replacement. Due to the rising cost of energy and the need for the preservation of natural resources, the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Energy Star program recommends the replacement of furnaces 15 years and older. The reasoning is simple:

Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) ratings, which measure furnace efficiency, rate older furnaces such as those from the 1970s at approximately 65% efficiency.
Today's furnace models achieve AFUE ratings of 97%, resulting in huge monthly energy savings over the life of your new furnace.

However, regardless of the age of your furnace, if it is not in safe operating condition, replace it. Rest assured, you can trust in the knowledge of our professional technicians to help you in making this difficult decision for your business. Be sure to ask about repair vs. replacement during your next appointment, or schedule a visit from one of our heater experts to discuss your options.

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