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We’re Like EMTs for Your AC
The last thing you need on a sizzling summer afternoon is for your air conditioner to stop working! If your air conditioner kicks the can and you need service fast, you need Aire Serv®. Call (855) 259-2280 now for 24/7 emergency service.

Common Air Conditioner Problems
At Aire Serv, we’ve seen it all. We’re frequently called because:

The air conditioner won’t turn on.
Weird noises or vibrating occur at startup or during operation.
Warm air exits the supply registers.
The unit hums, but the fan doesn’t turn on.
The fan runs, but the compressor isn’t working.
Water is pooling around the air conditioner.
If you believe your air conditioning unit requires emergency service, click here for information about our 24/7 repair services.

Why Is My AC Not Working?
The symptoms above are easily identifiable, but what about the underlying problem? We’ve compiled the top seven reasons we’re called for home air conditioner repair. See how a local Aire Serv technician can get your AC unit up and running.

There’s no power to the air conditioner. This could be due to faulty wiring, a tripped breaker, or an overheated AC that has shut itself off. A technician can fix the wiring, reset the circuit breaker, and make sure no vegetation is blocking airflow to the outdoor unit.
The fan belt is worn out. A squealing sound is cause for concern, since it could indicate the fan belt is wearing out. If it snaps before a technician replaces it, the repair could end up being far more expensive.
There is a refrigerant leak. Hissing is a telltale sound that the refrigerant is leaking. This decreases efficiency and is bad for the environment. A trained Aire Serv technician will not only recharge the system but also replace tubing to prevent the leak from persisting.
The evaporator coil is frozen. Continual operation at night, a low refrigerant level, poor circulation, and other causes can result in a frozen evaporator coil. This makes the air exiting supply registers feel warm. Turn off the air conditioner and contact a technician to make the necessary repairs to prevent a frozen coil in the future.
The fan motor is defective. This can prevent air circulation in your home. A technician may be able to repair the motor, or a replacement could be necessary.
The compressor is defective. The fan runs, but the air feels warm because the compressor isn’t working. The compressor is one of the most expensive components of an air conditioner. Speak with your Aire Serv technician about whether a replacement is more cost effective than repair in this instance.
The condensate drain is clogged. Algae, dirt, insect nests, and other debris can clog the condensate drain over time, potentially leading to water damage. A technician can flush the system and apply an algaecide to help prevent future clogs.
When the thermostat is rising and your air conditioner isn’t cutting it, you need fast, professional home air conditioner repair. Find an Aire Serv near you for local air conditioner repair.

Should I Repair or Replace My Air Conditioner?
When recommending that customers repair or replace their AC units, we consider three key factors:

Age – If your AC is more than 10 years old and giving you trouble, it may be in your best interest to consider a replacement.
Investment cost – Is a new system a better investment in the long run? An Aire Serv air conditioner technician can help you calculate your return on investment to determine if an upgrade is more beneficial than repair.
Utility rates – You may think you can’t afford an air conditioner replacement, but a more efficient unit consumes less electricity and could save you big time on energy bills.
Want to learn more about your options? Click here for our expert tips.

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